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Q1: From rule 1.2 can we pile lagori with fewer disk in decreasing order? As if we can pile lagori discs in the following order as 4-3-2-1 or 3-2-1 or 5-4-3, with 10 points of each lagori piled

Answer: You have to pile the lagori in the original order on top the lagori base (see Figure 4 in game rules book). You get marks based of the number of lagori that you pile on the lagori base. Fewer disks still get points if the arrangement in continuous order.

Q2: Can seeker R2 use pressurized air to deflect the path of the ball thrown by hitter R1 to defend ball on head seeker R2?

Answer: No

Q3: Is there any limit for the speed of the ball thrown by robot R1?

Answer: The speed of the ball must be less than 30km/h. * Measured 4m away from the front with a speed gun.

Q4: Since the ABU Robocon will provide pipe and plate for Ball on Head (BH) for uniformity, does Robocon Malaysia 2022 provide the pipe and plate for the BH as well?

Answer: For Robocon Malaysia, team have to prepare the pipe and the plate. The color of the pipe and plate is blue.

Q5: If pipe and plate are not provided, what materials are allowed to be used for the pipe and plate? Can PVC or MS be used? Can whole BH be made just from MS or PVC? Or is it an MS plate and a PVC pipe?

Answer: The allowed materials are MS or PVC. The whole plate and pipe to support BH can be made in combination of the allowed materials.

Q6: How much percent error is acceptable for the thickness and diameter of the materials used for BH?

Answer: +-5%

Q7: Can the head plate be attached to a moveable platform? It will be at the top of the robot and comply with other rules.

Answer: Yes

Q8: Terms and Definition [1]

Robot [1.2]

Q8.1: Is it allowed for R1 to be a static robot? Meaning, no wheels attached to it.

Answer: Yes, it is allowed

Lagori [1.17]

Q8.2 : Since the lagori is made of polyurethane foam which is soft, are we allowed to compress the lagori using R2 as long as it does not permanently deform its shape?

Answer: Yes

Lagori Break [1.18]

Q8.3: Here it says that the lagori is considered broken if a part of Lagori disc(s) come in contact with the field surface. If so, what about cases such as when a certain lagori is on top of another lagori, hence being not in contact with the field surface but the lagori beneath it is in contact with the field surface? Does that count as Lagori Break as well?

Answer: Only lagori that touches or is in contact with field surface is considered broken and will get points. With reference to this picture, points are given only for the blue lagori.

Lagori Pile [1.20]

Q8.4.1: It is stated that a Lagori disc which has gone out of the Lagori Area cannot be used. For instance, the 3rd Lagori (350mm) has gone out of the Lagori Area and thus a Perfect Lagori cannot be obtain since the piling is impossible to be achieved as Fig.4, how then would the points be calculated?

Answer: For this situation, the team will get points for the 3rd lagori during lagori break. However, for the case of lagori pile, no points will be given for the lagori that has gone out of the lagori area.

Q8.4.2: Also, in cases whereby if the opponent’s R1 Hitter intentionally/unintentionally hit one of the lagori that is still on the field surface and not on the lagori base yet and that lagori went out of the Lagori Area which causes R2 Seeker not being able to achieve a Perfect Lagori, how would the points be calculated?

Answer: It is considered compulsory retry for the Hitter team, and the judge will put back the lagori into lagori area for R2 seeker to continue piling all the lagori.

Q8.4.3: If R2 Seeker and NOT the Lagori protrudes outside of the Lagori Area during this session such as into the Ball Area and Opponent’s Area, will it be considered a violation?

Answer: It is a violation

Q9: Task of Robots [2.2]

If the Seeker R2 is able to pile back a few fallen lagori [NOT all] back onto the lagori base and its BOH is suddenly displaced by Hitter R1, how will the points be counted?

Answer: The point is counted as how many R2 seeker finished piling up lagori before it BOH displaced by Hitter R1. (The points will be counted based on the number of lagori that have been successfully piled on the lagori base before the BOH is displaced by Hitter R1).

Q10: Retry [2.5]

If one of the robots, R1 or R2 ask for a self-retry which is NOT due to violation, do both robots, R1 and R2 also need to return to their SZ or just the specific robot?

Answer: Both Robots.

Q11: Are we allowed to pump gas into the bottles/containers on our robots and connect batteries to our robots before the setting time? Also are we allowed to setup up our computer as well before the setting time?

Answer: Yes

Q12: Since each round is 90 seconds. Shooting down the Lagori is 30 seconds and piling up the Lagori is 60 seconds. If seeker R1 finishes the task earlier, can the extra time be added to the second section?

Answer: Yes. For example, if the Seeker R1 finishes the task in 10 seconds, the remaining time for Lagori pile is 80 seconds (90 seconds – 10 seconds) because the period for the round is 90 seconds.

Q13: Related to Rulebook 2.2.17, Hitter R1 accidently shoots down the Lagori that is held by Seeker R2. Have the Seeker achieved the task?

Answer: No. The seeker team member immediately asks the permission to enter the gamefield and put the Lagori back to Seeker R2. It is a violation for the hitter team and compulsory retry for the hitter team.

Q14: Is there a limit for the number of robot controllers?

Answer: No, there is no limit as long as it complies with all the rules.

Q15: Can Hitter R1 shoot Lagori on the ground?

Answer: No, it is not allowed. It is considered a violation by the hitter team and the team will undergo compulsory retry.

Q16: Can we have any defense system for BOH?

Answer: Yes, as long as the robots follow all the rules.

Q17: From rule 1.7, Only Seeker 2 can enter Lagori Area. Can my Hitter 2 move through the Lagori Area?

Answer: No, it is not allowed. Only seeker 2 can enter Lagori Area. Other robots entering the Lagori area is a violation and subjected to compulsory retry (refer to rule 4.2)

Q18: Can we use vacuum technology for this year Robocon?

Answer: You can use Vacuum technology but the robots are not allowed to stick on the gamefield (refer to faq2_30jan2022, FAQ 1-5)

Q19: During Lagori Pile, one of the Lagori discs goes out the Lagori area and that Lagori cannot be used. Can we continue piling the remaining Lagori discs? This is because according to the updated game rule section 1.20 – “However, if there is a lagori disc which has gone out of the Lagori Area and cannot be used, you can continue piling up the Lagori except for that disc.

Answer: We use the updated version for section 1.20, during Lagori Pile, the robot can continue piling except for that disc.
Note: During Lagori Break, if a Lagori disc rolls out the Lagori Area, the referee will return the Lagori disc to the Lagori Area (faq1_31dec2021, 1.20-1). During Lagori Pile, if Lagori disc goes out the Lagori Area for certain situations, the Lagori disc cannot be used. (faq1_31dec2021, 2.2-10).

Q20: Hitter R2 hits my Lagori on my robot and the Lagori falls down. Can the team member piles up the Lagori on the robot at the same spot?

Answer: Yes, the team member immediately stop the robot, enter the gamefield and piles up the Lagori at the same spot.

Q21: Can we use RC?

Answer: Communication using RC is not allowed. Refer to rule 3.7.2 – only Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Bluetooth are allowed.

Q22: We have 6 team members, 1 team leader dan 1 manager. Can the team leader to be in the field during competition?

Answer: Only 3 team members can be in the gamefield during the competition. Pit crews can only participate in setting of the robots (refer to rule 7.2).
Note: For Robocon Malaysia, 7 persons are allowed to participate in the Robot Test and the Competition. They are team manager or Team Leader, 3 team members and 3 pit crews.
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